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Support Montana Wildlife on Your Tax Form

When filling out your Montana tax form this year, think “wildlife” by donating to the Nongame Wildlife Program, found on line 18a (short EZ form) or 69a (long form). If your taxes are prepared, tell your accountant that you wish to donate to wildlife.

Any size donation helps: $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to support Montana’s Nongame Wildlife Program. Your commitment will benefit more than 600 species of “nongame” animals, including songbirds, loons, bald eagles, and flying squirrels.

The donations do not raise or lower taxes—the check-off allows you to “add-on” a donation if you owe taxes or make a donation from your tax refund. And your contributions are tax deductible on next year’s return. Look for the soaring Bald Eagle in the instruction booklet.

The check-off has been on the tax form since 1983. Since it started, Montanans have contributed an annual average of $27,000 for wildlife. Based on this average, the check-off has raised almost $1 million for nongame wildlife over the years.

The nongame check-off was the first piece of legislation that Montana Audubon (and Audubon chapters) helped pass at the Montana Legislature.

Goals of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Nongame Program

Keep Common Species Common

Detecting and reversing population declines while species are healthy is much more effective and cheaper than waiting until they are in trouble before taking action.

Reverse Population Declines for Species of Concern

Conservation planning can identify strategies to protect important habitats and other actions that can be taken to reverse population declines before Federal ESA listing is needed, preventing the need for burdensome regulations and restrictions.

Support the Nongame Wildlife Program!


Flathead Audubon and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks assisted with this post. The Mountain Bluebird, Burrowing Owl, Common Yellowthroat photos by Bob Martinka.

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