Montana is home to over 400 bird species across an astonishing diversity of habitats.


Tours, Education Events, and Birding Information

Birding is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the United States. Ask any birder and they will be able to tell you why: the enjoyment that comes from being outdoors, the satisfaction of learning about the natural world, and the pleasure of seeing an unexpected flash of color in the trees. Here we provide statewide information on where to see birds, how to find out what other birders are seeing, birding trips led by Montana Audubon, and more.

Information on Christmas Bird Counts and other citizen science opportunities is here


Montana Audubon is known for its birding tours to great destinations.

Wings Across the Big Sky Bird Festival:

Montana Audubon brings our fun annual gathering of birders, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists to a different community each year.

Birding Montana:

Check out this page for information on good places to bird in the Montana, to download official bird lists, and to join the Montana Online Birding group where bird sightings are reported daily.

Audubon Chapters:

Click here to contact or learn more about National Audubon Chapters in the state of Montana.


We provide Montana specific information on anything Birdwatching.

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Center Activities & Updates- April 2018

Check out the latest activities, programs and goings on at the Montana Audubon Center here!

Wildlife Society Convenes in Butte

Winter is when biologists spend time hashing through the past season’s data collection, writing reports…

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