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Greater Sage Grouse Important Bird Areas

There are five Important Bird Areas that focus on Greater Sage-Grouse and sagebrush-shrub steppe lands. These are large, landscape-level IBAs encompassing over 6 million acres of public and private lands across Montana. These sites were selected for the high densities of male sage grouse at breeding leks in the state.


Ecologists consider the Greater Sage-Grouse an “umbrella” species; If this bird and its habitat is protected across Montana, many other species of wildlife will be conserved. Risks form energy development in our state are significant, yet there is time to act. Watch this five minute video — Crossroads — great footage of these emblematic birds and spectacular wildlife habitat.

For details of the nomination process and criteria used to create these IBAs, see our report.



For more about sagebrush habitat, click HERE.

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