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We use the best available science to ensure the survival of Montana's birds and other wildlife.

Riverine IBAs

Important Bird Areas along key waterways in Montana feature prominently in our IBA Program. We have identified IBAs along the Bitterroot, Clark Fork, Flathead, Madison, Missouri and Tongue, and we are working to delineate one or more IBAs along the middle or lower Yellowstone River.

Our Birds Call This Home ~ Best Management Practices Brochure

Our 8-page brochure describes “best management practices” for living along Montana waterways with birds and wildlife in mind. What do birds need to thrive? How can we help?

There are two versions. One brochure is designed for the Bitterroot and Clark Fork waterways, and the second is more general, applicable to waterways throughout Montana.

This drawing by artist Claire Emery depicts a high-quality bird-friendly riparian area.
Click on the image for a larger view or download the brochures.


Additional resources from the Bitterroot and Clark Fork Watersheds and Montana:

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