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Long-Billed Curlew Initiative

CurlewFlight_MartinkaThe Long-billed Curlew is an icon of the American prairie and intermountain grassland basins. It is a relatively large, conspicuous shorebird found in short to moderate height prairie. The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership (MBCP) has identified the curlew as a flagship species, or one that is likely to resonate with the public and thus garner support for conservation action. It is declining across its range, but in Montana, healthy populations remain. We’re working with many partners to learn more about Curlews and protect the grasslands and agricultural lands they need to for breeding. Based on curlew presence, threats, and opportunities, we’ve determined the Mission Valley and nearby grasslands are an ideal focal area.

Curlews in the Mission Valley and Surrounding Grasslands

The Flathead Indian Reservation and surrounding grasslands and agricultural lands host good numbers of Long-billed Curlews. We’re hoping you can help us learn more and conserve this species and its habitat. We began this effort in 2014, and a report of our findings is here.

2017 Website for Mission Valley volunteers and surveyors.


More Information for landowners, partners and agencies:

CurlewTri-foldBROCHURE: Download this tri-fold, print, read, and share:

Word doc or PDF.  This tells the basic story of Curlews in western Montana.

Listen to the Curlew’s call


The best way to get involved is to head to our new 2016 website. If you have a time to travel a back road of the Mission Valley and would be interested in helping with a more formal curlew route, head here.

Use our POSTCARD for reporting sightings of Curlews. Download, print, fill out, and return via snail mail: Word doc or PDF. Or simply fill out this SIMPLE FORM.

If you are wondering about these slightly more intensive survey efforts, download the protocol and the data forms.

For Professionals working in the field and interested in additional Long-billed Curlew habitat management information:

For more information or to help contact Amy Seaman: [email protected] or 406.443.3949. You may also contact Janene Lichtenberg: [email protected]

Funding for this project has been provided by the Intermountain West Joint Venture, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Montana Audubon, and in-kind support from many dedicated partners.

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