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madison valley important bird area

Montana Audubon, Sacajawea Audubon, and the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group have teamed up to protect Ennis Lake and the rich riparian cottonwoods and shrublands and associated wetlands along the Madison River. The Madison Valley Important Bird Area encompasses city, state, federal, and private lands including lands protected by conservation easements.

THE RIGHT PLACE. Our 9 minute feature film of the Madison Valley -- watch it now!

If you would like to view a "HD" or high definition version of this movie, head to Conservation Media.

If you would like a free DVD of this film, email Amy

If you are having trouble viewing here or on the CM site, here's a tip: hit play to trigger the video to buffer, hit pause and allow film to buffer completely (ndicated by the gray bar crossing completely) then hit play again.

October 2009. Return to the Wild. The Bozeman Chronicle covered sandhill crane migrations, restoration that is working for birds, and ranchers with collaborative eco-tourism projects in this feature story is HERE>>LeastFlycatcher_JRoberts

The O'dell Creek Headwaters Wetlands Project falls within this IBA. We are keeping abreast of this successful partnership effort on the Granger Ranch and are working with the University of Montana's Avian Science Center to share research findings on the value to birds of ongoing wetland and riparian restoration. Read more from the ASC >>

You can view our 2009 brochure (PDF) of this Important Bird Area (designed to be printed double-sided on legal size paper (8.5 by 14) and folded like a fan).

Download a quick print version HERE (386 kb) >>
Download a high quality version HERE (4.49 kb) >>
If you would like copies, please email Kathy or call the office 406.443.3949.

Link to a site report from National Audubon Society HERE >>

Download map HERE >>
Download the GIS shape file for the Madison Valley IBA HERE >>
Download a google earth file that automatically opens in a neat satellite view HERE >>.

(you must have Google Earth installed on your computer) Madison Range Lake

More information coming soon....

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