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EPA Calls for States to Develop Clean Power Plans:

Rule Calls for Substantial Reduction in Carbon Pollution

In August 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its rule to dramatically cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. The final rule, called the Clean Power Plan, mandates that states collectively reduce their carbon emissions by the year 2030. This rule signifies a “historic step in the fight against climate change” according to the Obama Administration.

Although the rule sets up a target emissions reduction for each state, there is flexibility as to how those reductions happen. Options include:

  • Increasing efficiency at existing coal-fired power plants;
  • Increasing renewable energy and other low-carbon energy; and
  • Initiating market-based systems such as a carbon tax or purchasing carbon credits in a ‘cap and trade’ program.

Governor Bullock has directed the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to draft options for a Clean Power Plan for the state of Montana. The state then has until September 2018 to finalize its plan. Many entities will be involved in developing Montana’s state plan, including Montana Audubon. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan provides an unprecedented opportunity for Montana to transition to clean electricity, creating thousands of new jobs in the state. Addressing climate change is critical for people, birds, and other wildlife.


Encourage Action by our Leaders:

Contacting decision-makers at key times is critical to moving climate change issues ahead. We recommend the following steps to get involved – and stay in touch:

  • Sign up for our email list (Join Our Online Network – see below);
  • Check out our current Action Alert (Take Action – see below) – where we provide information on the who, what, when, and how on key issues when it matters most; and
  • Contact decision-makers: we keep up-to-date information on addresses, emails, websites, etc.

Any if you have questions, contact us here!

Write a letter to the editor:

An essential way to encourage our elected officials to act and let your neighbors, our leaders and the media know that this issue matters.


Calculate Your Carbon Footprint:

Calculate your carbon footprint using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculator

Reduce Your Footprint:

Can you make rooftop solar happen? Get a little better with efficiency and conservation? We can inspire and help via the Solar and the Energy Efficiency sections of our website. In addition, check out these resources and ideas:

  • A great list: 50 ways to reduce global warming.
  • USE and then recycle compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. NOTE: ACE Hardware stores in Montana will accept CFLs for recycling (to avoid mercury pollution in our landfills).


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