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Stream and wetland Regulations Adopted by Montana Local Governments

One way to determine how your local governments can protect wetlands and streams is to see what protection measures have been adopted by other local governments. The following table contains information about riparian protection measures adopted by cities and counties in Montana. The table is organized by type of regulation (e.g. Floodplain Regulations, Subdivision Regualtions, Zoning, etc.) , with local governments listed alphabetically within each category. Links are provided to each regulation. Because important information on stream protection measures is often found in different sections of the regulation (e.g.development standards, definitions, maps, etc.), links are provided to the local government’s website whenever possible.

For more information on how each type of regulation protects streams, riparian areas, and wetlands, see A Planning Guide for Protecting Montana’s Wetlands and Riparian Areas, Chapter 5. This handbook describes the strengths and weaknesses of each land use regulation, allowing decision makers to understand the effectiveness of specific types of regulations in resource protection.

Information found in the table was updated on July 31, 2009. For a printable, more detailed version of this table, CLICK HERE.

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