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global warming

Global warming is the biggest environmental threat of our lifetime.
It's time for solutions. It's time to act!

According to the latest United Nations report and oodles of studies from top-notch scientists the world over, global climate change is happening now and humans are largely responsible. Long-term consequences are predicted to be devastating, pointing to a darker future each day we fail to act.  But if each of us takes action — in our homes, in our communities, in our nation, and across the globe — there is still time to reduce global warming pollution and help safeguard our environment for birds, wildlife, and our children.

Confronting the greatest environmental crisis in our history will take commitment, dedication, and even sacrifice — but nothing less than our future is at stake. 

Please join us in finding solutions and enouraging action!

And learn more about the impacts of global warming and (dirty) energy development
to birds and wildlife.
That's our specialy, and we are committed to
inspiring you to be part of the solution, for the birds and for all of us.

Contact Amy Cilimburg  406-465-1141

Solving global warming means investing in clean renewable energy

Head over to our energy page for more on solar, wind and other renewables - and to the importance of energy efficiency and conservation for the climate solutions equation.  



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