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Conservation of habitat is all about people working together to protect places for birds, other wildlife and the human spirit.


What is the difference between joining National Audubon and Montana Audubon?

If you send a donation to Montana Audubon, you will directly support our programs and will receive our quarterly newsletter and be considered a member for events such as our Bird Festival.

If you join National Audubon, you will receive their bi-monthly Audubon magazine, and automatically become a member of both Montana Audubon and your local chapter. National Audubon memberships can be obtained by one of two ways:

  • Contact National Audubon Society directly (;  or
  • Send a donation of $30 or more to Montana Audubon and specify that you want to be a National Audubon member (we will forward the necessary membership fee to National Audubon and retain a small portion of the donation for our operations). A membership form that will make this process easier can be downloaded from Join Montana Audubon, located at the left.

Please note that it is best to renew your National Audubon membership directly through the National Audubon Society, because Montana Audubon does not have the capacity to renew your membership.

How do I join my local Audubon chapter?

If you make a donation to Montana Audubon, we do not automatically notify local Audubon chapters. However, if you join the National Audubon Society, you will automatically receive a membership in your local chapter, if there is a chapter nearby. Upon joining, National Audubon will assign you to a chapter based upon your zip code and the chapter will receive notification of your membership. The chapter will contact you with information about meetings, program, trips, etc.

If you want to be a member of a local Audubon chapter (and not National Audubon), you must contact chapters directly. Not all chapters have local memberships, and those that do, have varying fees for membership.

To find out more about Audubon’s chapters in Montana, visit our chapter webpage or e-mail: [email protected]

How do I contact the National Audubon Society about my membership?

For fastest service, visit the National Audubon website at, or send an email to National Audubon at [email protected] You can also send a fax to 303-604-7595, or write:

AUDUBON, Membership Data Center
PO Box 52529
Boulder CO 80322-2529
or call 1-800-274-4201.

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