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License Plates and Books

Montana Audubon's License Plate - Ready for your car!

You can make a meaningful impact towards the birds of Montana by simply purchasing a Montana Audubon Bird Habitat license plate. The cost of the specialty plate is added to your current vehicle registration fee, but with an initial cost of only $40 and an annual renewal rate of $20, it won’t break your pocketbook! Your $20 is tax deductible and goes directly to support local bird conservation through Audubon’s Education, Science, and Policy programs. You don’t have to wait until your current plates expire. Simply go down to your county’s Department of Motor Vehicles (bring your old plates with you) to purchase your Bird Habitat plate today.

As a proud owner of this eye-catching plate, your vehicle will feature an American Avocet, Ruddy Duck, Lewis’s Woodpecker, and a trio of Black-billed Magpies – on a Rocky Mountain Front backdrop. Proudly show your support for bird conservation and support Montana Audubon’s work to ensure long-term protection for critical native bird and wildlife habitat!

Collector’s Plates Available
Montana Audubon is also allowing collectors to purchase license plates. These collector plates are not for vehicle use. There are two types of collector plates available:

  • Standardized collectors plates cost $35 per plate. These collector plates feature the text “AAA-000.”
  • Collectors can also buy personalized plates for $60. This custom plate features any custom text you wish, from 2 to 6 alpha-numeric characters (no fewer than 2 characters, no more than 6) (EXAMPLE: “BIRDER”). If you would like a half-space or dash inserted between any of the characters on your plate, please specify that information in the letter that accompanies your check. The plates cannot contain anything offensive or misleading.

P.D. Skaar’s Montana Bird Distribution, Seventh Edition

The NEW seventh edition of Montana Bird Distribution will be released in June 2012. This is a book of maps showing the distribution of all 427 bird species found in Montana. The book uses hundreds of thousands of bird sightings submitted by volunteers and professionals to identify where birds are found in the state.

The price of this book is $20.00 (which includes shipping and handling).  Put one in your car’s glove box today! To learn more about the book, click HERE

For wholesale orders and shipping charges for multiple orders, call us at 406-443-3949.

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