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Legislative Action Alert- February 24, 2017

House Bill 491: Establishing Montana Public Lands Day

Contact members of the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks committee and ask them to support a bill to create Montana Public Lands Day. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Virginia Court (D-Billings), would establish a Montana Public Lands Day observed on March 1st of each year – the date that Yellowstone National Park was created.  This will be a day to celebrate our public lands and remind Montanans of the importance these lands have on our economy, native wildlife, and quality of life. The bill has a hearing today, February 23rd at 3 pm – in the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Committee. They will likely take executive action today as well. If you’re in the Helena area, consider showing up in person and if not, please contact them today.

Senate Bill 190: Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Contact members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee and ask them for support of steps for reducing Montana’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Senate Bill 190, sponsored by Senator Mike Phillips (D-Bozeman) and Senator Dick Barrett (D-Missoula) would create a Montana solution for addressing climate change in the absence of comprehensive actions at the federal level. This bill requires the state to identify significant sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and develop a comprehensive, least-cost, and enforceable plan for capping and reducing Montana’s emissions.  This bill would direct the Department of Environmental Quality to develop this plan and would require future legislative action to enact it. The bill had a hearing on Wednesday, so please contact your Senator and tell them you support state-level efforts to plan for and reduce Montana’s greenhouse gas emissions!

Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Act

Contact your State Representative today and ask them to support solar jobs and clean energy in Montana.  House Bill 504, known as the Solar Jobs and Energy Freedom Act, had its first hearing on Wednesday in the House Energy Committee.  This bill removes government barriers to homeowners and businesses making the energy decisions that make sense for them. By allowing the installation of net metering systems, this bill would increase clean energy development in Montana without creating new government bureaucracies or spending. Let your representative know you support solar jobs and a clean energy economy!

Grizzly Bears

Contact members of the House Natural Resources Committee and ask them to vote no to de-list the grizzly bear from the Endangered Species Act, and to allow the process of grizzly bear de-listing to be supervised by the expertise of  the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. Decisions on population viability should be made by biologists, not congress, and decisions on de-listing, while slow, should be made under judicial review. This bill transfers management of the grizzly to the state and such a resolution should be brought forward by the state agencies that would shoulder management responsibilities.

In other updates, we celebrated a big victory this week when the Senate voted 30-20 against a radical, regulatory takings bill. Thanks to all of you that made calls opposing this bill. It was one of the most anti-conservation bills of the session, and we were happy to see it defeated.

We are quickly approaching the halfway point of the 2017 legislative session, known as transmittal, where policy bills have to pass out of either the House or Senate or they fail. It’s our last chance to keep good bills moving forward, and also a great opportunity to see bad bills go away.

If you have any questions about what’s going on in Helena, please get in touch with Amy ([email protected]) or Dan ([email protected]) or call our office @ 406. 443.3949. We’d love to hear from you.

Go, Fly, Win!

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