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Legislative Alert- Week of 2/13/17

Exempt Well Bill Threatens Our Rivers and Streams

Contact your House Representative today and ask her/him to protect Montana’s rivers and streams and vote against HB 339!

House Bill 339 by Rep. Carl Glimm (R-Kila) would re-open the exempt well loophole that the Montana Supreme Court wisely closed last year. The bill would give developers the right to put in wells for new subdivisions and take the groundwater before those who are legally entitled to use that water first. It is bad policy based on bad science and will deplete streamflows, undermine senior water rights, increase sprawl, and spark conflict among water users. The bill would put development before water security and our prized fisheries. It is also bad science, imposing arbitrary guidelines for water use in a state with complex hydrology and already over-allocated streams. The bill will have its final vote on the House Floor as soon as Tuesday, so please contact your Representative.

Funding for the Sage-grouse Stewardship Act

Contact your House Representative today and ask him/her to support funding for Montana’s Sage-grouse!

House Bill 228 contains the funding mechanism for the state’s Greater Sage-grouse Stewardship Act that was focus of the 2015 session.  The bill currently places $1.6 million in the stewardship account, generating funds for voluntary conservation of sagebrush habitat, and places $400,000 in the Department of Natural Resources operations budget for program staffing needs. The funding in this bill is crucial for the state’s Sage-grouse conservation program, and would guarantee funding for the program and staff for the next four years. The bill will have it’s final vote on the House Floor on Tuesday 2/14, so please contact your Representative!

Other bills on the move would affect clean energy, public lands, bison and other issues at the core of Montana Audubon’s mission. We’ll continue to provide you with updates.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading our action alerts and then contacting your legislators.  They have personally told us they are receiving your phone calls and messages and they are helping. If there is one positive thing going on these days for wildlife and the environment, it is the energy and activism of the conservation community. So THANK YOU, and KEEP IT UP!

If you have any questions about what’s going on in Helena, please get in touch with Amy ([email protected]) or Dan ([email protected]) or call our office @ (406) 443-3949. We’d love to hear from you.

Go, Fly, Win!

Important Legislative Websites:

Montana State Legislature website

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Live at the Legislature

House Committee Assignments

Senate Committee Assignments

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