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Legislative Action Alert: March 30, 2019

It has begun; we are in the process of writing veto letters to Governor Steve Bullock. The bills we write veto letters for would cause significant damage to many of the conservation issues we fight every day — a veto is our last chance to get them stopped. We are keeping close track of what bills we will request to be vetoed, and ask that you help us with the effort. When we send an action alert about a bill we are writing a veto letter for, we ask that you call the governor’s office. You can make a significant difference in helping get these bill stopped. If you have any questions about this process, we are happy to answer your questions: [email protected] or [email protected]

Many thanks!

Amy and Wyatt

Wild Bison Redefined

HB 132 is complicated bill with a simple outcome. The bill was intended to clarify that bison could not be managed as wildlife if they had been charged the per-capita livestock fee. However, House amendments to the bill included changes to the definition that essentially define all bison in Montana  as livestock. Montana Audubon considers bison as wildlife, and conserving bison beyond Yellowstone National Park and the National Bison Range depends on wild bison continuing to thrive in our state. Treating bison like livestock has many unintended consequences. Today our state wildlife species are managed for the public trust by Fish, Wildlife, & Parks. Passing this bill would stop the public wild bison hunt north of Yellowstone, stop new wild bison herds from being established, and violate tribal hunting rights. Montanans have expressed their desire to restore wild bison to wild lands in our state and this bill would move us in the wrong direction for bison conservation in both Montana, and nationally.


We are sending a letter asking the Governor to veto this bill. You can help us if you can call the Governor’s office. Please call Governor Steve Bullock at (406) 444-3111 and ask that he VETO HB 132.


Bill: House Bill 132 – Clarify Definition of Wild Buffalo

Status: The bill has been sent to the Governor

Montana Audubon Position – OPPOSE

County Bison Takeover 

HB 332, introduced by Rep. Joshua Kassmier, would require approval by a board of county commissioners prior to wild bison or wild buffalo were released into a county. This erodes Montana Fish, Widlife and Parks’ authority over wildlife, and the bill is written so that prohibiting bison in a county could be enforced by a county growth policy. This would be the only instance when a growth policy has regulatory power. This bill has made it through the House and is now being heard in the Senate – Please let your legislator know that we are tired of seeing this bill!

Find your legislator


Bill: House Bill 332 – Require county approval to relocate bison

Status: Waiting for Committee Executive Action in Senate Natural Resource

Montana Audubon Position – OPPOSE


Senate Natural Resource

Sen. Jeff Welborn (R-Dillon)

Sen. Tom Richmond (R-Billings)

Sen. JP Pomnichowski (D-Bozeman)

Sen. Duane Ankney (R-Colstrip)

Sen. Dick Barrett (D-Missoula)

Sen. John Esp (R-Big Timber)

Sen. Pat Flowers (D-Belgrade)

Sen. Bruce Gillespie (R-Bethridge)

Sen. Brian Hoven (R-Great Falls)

Sen. Tom Jacobson (D-Great Falls)

Sen. Scott Sales (R-Bozeman)

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