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Virtual Raptor Identification Workshops

Montana Audubon is migrating to online Raptor Identification Workshops this September!

Mark your calendars for September 15th – 17th as we join Flathead Audubon Society in celebrating and supporting “Raptor Migration Week” with a series of raptor identification workshops hosted on the online ZOOM platform. Learning how to identify raptors takes time, but Montana Audubon’s Director of Policy & Science, Amy Seaman, will break down the details into manageable pieces in this year’s, three-part, three-day, online workshop. Rather than try to remember the details for all of Montana’s raptors at once, on day one we are going to cover ‘Buteos’ or soaring hawks, on day two, ‘Accipiters and Allies’, and on day three, Eagles and Vultures. Each day is designed to have something for hawk enthusiasts of all levels from the beginner to the more advanced.

AND, to make it super convenient for you to join and support us, we are going to offer the course two times each day (10am and 4pm)!

Each class lasts one hour, and here is a look at the class schedule:

  • September 15th, 10am & 4pm: Buteos, or “soaring hawks”
  • September 16th, 10am & 4pm: Accipiters or “forest hawks” and allies
  • September 17th, 10am & 4pm: Eagles and vultures

Advance registration is REQUIRED, and includes a suggested donation of $10 per class or $25 for three. The suggested donation for students is $5 per class.

Register for the 10am classes by clicking HERE.

Register for the 4pm classes by clicking HERE.

To register for a combination of 4pm and 10am classes, you will need to contact Amy!

Join us for one workshop, or all three! Your attendance and support will help maintain our raptor education and raptor migration research endeavors.

For details on these events, or for registration questions, please email [email protected]

Registration opens September 1st!


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