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Action Alert: If you live in Helena, Manhattan, Big Timber or Busby your senator needs to hear from you by 3/19

HB 224 is on the Senate floor and we need your help to flip 4 votes before the 3rd reading tomorrow March 19th. If you live in Busby, Big Timber, Helena or Manhattan contact your Senator now!


House Bill 224: Allow for the snaring of wolves in Montana by licensed trappers

Status: 3rd reading on Senate floor 3/19

Montana Audubon Position: Oppose

HB 224 This bill will allow licensed trappers to use snares, in addition to traps, for killing wildlife classified as “furbearers”. It forces the Fish and Wildlife commission to set a season for snaring. Snares create a much greater risk to non-target wildlife and pets, and runs counter to the “know your target” aspects of fair chase hunting. This bill is an accident waiting to happen that will hurt trapping and create a lot of conflict with the non-trapping recreational community. 


If you live in Manhattan contact Senator Sales and tell him to vote NO on HB 224

If you live in Helena and are represented by Senator Gauthier, tell him to vote NO on HB 224

If you live in Busby contact Senator Small and tell him to vote NO on HB 224

If you live in Big Timber contact Senator Esp and tell him to vote NO on HB 224


Photo By: By Tracy Brooks – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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