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Managing salt cedar and Russian olive on Montana Waterways

As part of our ongoing River Initiative, Montana Audubon hosted a workshop, Managing Salt Cedar and Russian olive on Montana Waterways. This page contains PowerPoint presentations, summary information, the handouts presenters brought to the workshop, and a few other items that participants wanted to share. Additional information will be added to this page as we receive permission to post.

Northern Flicker. Cottonwoods are used by cavity nesting birds (woodpeckers, bluebirds, Tree Swallows, chickadees, and more) for nesting. Russian olive and salt cedar generally cannot be used by these birds.

Workshop Information

PowerPoint Presentations Given at Workshop:

References and Literature to Share

Mapping Information

  • Application for EDDMapS West (NOTE: this application can be loaded on your phone or computer. It is a national web-based mapping system for documenting invasive species distribution and the information is shared with the Montana Natural Heritage Program (see below)
  • Montana Natural Heritage Program website:
    • Home Page
    • Montana GIS Data List (NOTE: the Russian Olive GIS layer will be posted by November 8, 2017)
    • Ecology Reports (NOTE: the report Predicting the Distribution of Russian Olive Stands in Eastern Montana Valley Bottoms Using NAIP Imagery will be posted by November 8, 2017)

Ecological Research Conducted in Montana

Summary of Removal Projects in Montana:

Wildlife Impacts (With an Emphasis on Birds):

Other Information to Share:

Links to Other Meetings Addressing Russian Olive and Salt Cedar

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