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Workshops & Classes for Adults


Morning Bird Stroll

2nd Saturday of the month from 8:30 – 10:00 am

A great program for beginning birders!  On this monthly birding adventure, we will cover some birding basics, learn some bird calls/songs for ID by ear, and work on our description skills to visually ID the species that we see.  Come with your gear or borrow some from us- we have binoculars and guidebooks available to check out.  We hope to see you there!

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Suggested donation $10/adults and $5/students.

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Kids are welcome when accompanied by an adult.


CANCELLED- Climate Lecture by Derek Sjostrom

Tuesday, April 2nd from 6:30pm-7:30pm

Earth’s climate past and future: It is almost always carbon dioxide’s fault!

In many ways the science behind Earth’s climate is fairly straightforward. However, the policy, politics, and economics are not. We will explore the processes that broadly control Earth’s climate, discuss how Earth’s climate is studied, how it has changed with time, and project how it may behave in the future. We will discuss some extreme climate events in Earth’s history, including “Snowball Earth” when it is proposed that Earth’s surface was (almost?) entirely frozen,

and the “Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum”, which is thought to be the last time the Earth went through a time of relatively rapid warming. To conclude we will explore some possibilities for minimizing humans’ impact on Earth’s climate.

Derek Sjostrom has been a Professor of Geology for over 20 years, including

Image by so med from Pixabay

the last 15 years at Rocky Mountain College. He teaches a wide variety of courses including Earth History, Weather and Climate, and Paleoclimate. He has conducted research related to Earth’s climate over the past 250-ish million years and primarily has focused on the relationships between regional climate change and mountain-building events. He has conducted fieldwork for these studies throughout central Asia and North America, along with numerous other studies using traditional geology and geochemistry.

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Master Naturalist Course



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