Home School Science

Interdisciplinary, inquiry-based, student-centered science and nature exploration at Billings’ only nature center. Different themes through the school year taught by experienced teacher-naturalists. Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Register at this link

  2. Fill out and bring with you this Home School Science Letter to Parents (blank copies will be available on the first day).

10% member discount — to sign up as a member, click on our membership page.

Three age groups: Littles, Middles, and Advanced

  • Littles: entering K-3rd (5-8)
  • Middles: entering 4th – 7th (9-12)
  • Advanced: 8th-10th (13-16)

Littles and Middles: Sign up for Mondays or Thursdays, 2-3:45

  • Fall: September 16th to November 7th Water Wonders ($80 / $72 members)
  • Winter I: November 11 to December 12 (week off for Thanksgiving) Outdoor Survival Skills ($50 / $45 members)
  • Winter II: January 6th to February 27th Winter Ecology ($80 / $72 members)
  • Spring I:  March 2nd to March 26th Spring Into Science ($50 / $45 members)
  • Spring II: March 30th to May 21st Flying Wild ($80 / $72 members)

Advanced: Wednesday 12:30-3

  • Fall: September 18th to November 6th Environmental Science: Water ($110 / $99 members)
  • Spring: April 1st to May 20th Avian Science (planning migratory bird day) ($110 / $99 members)

Session Descriptions:

Water Wonders: Splash through this class as we study the properties of water, the water cycle, and much more! We will also explore the water with canoeing, macroinvertebrate collection, and dam engineering. 

Outdoor Survival Skills: Do you have what it takes to survive outdoors? Learn how to build shelter, make fire, tie knots, and more as we focus on the science of survival. *No class the week of Thanksgiving*

Winter Ecology: Explore the Montana Audubon Center winter wonderland as we research the adaptations plants and animals use to survive this harsh season. We will also dive into snow science with winter experiments! 

Spring into Science: The season is changing and so is nature: sprouting plants, migrating animals, and metamorphosis. Study all of these things and more as we spring into science.

Flying Wild: Birds, insects, and bats all call the skies home. Learn about the flying creatures of our world through birding, insect collection, and much more! We will also study the science of flight as we try to engineer our own flying creations. 


Environmental Science: Water: Water is the key to life and an important resource to protect. Water not only affects humans, animals,and plants, it also shapes the land. Learn how humans have influenced the water around us and steps we can take to keep our water and land healthy.  Through water quality research, we will compile data on the water around the Center, including the Yellowstone River. We will also take a field trip to the Shiloh Conservation Area. 


Avian Science: Birds have already taught us so much, from being an indicator species for humans to flight. Take an in depth look at birds through the study of anatomy, physiology, and behavioral patterns. Students will plan, organize, and host a World Migratory Bird Day on May 9th. 

* Scholarships available for all out-school programs. Contact the Center for more information.


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