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Homeschool Science


In-person Homeschool Classes

Interdisciplinary, inquiry-based science and nature exploration at Billings’ only nature center. Featuring different themes throughout the school year taught by our experienced Teacher Naturalists.


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Please Read and Sign our Homeschool Letter to Parents. Bring this with you the first day of the program.

This document contains our COVID protocols, information to prepare you for programming, and the Parental Consent Form needed on the first day of class.

Classes for two age groups:

  • Littles: entering K – 3rd grade (ages 5-8)
  • Middles: entering 4th – 7th grade (ages 9-12)

Littles and Middles: Sign up for Tuesdays, OR Thursdays from 2 – 3:45

This Year’s Themes

  • Fall (8 weeks): September 14th to November 4th Backyard Billings
  • Winter I (4 weeks): November 9th to December 9th (week of Thanksgiving off) Indigenous Ingenuity
  • Winter II (8 weeks): January 4th to February 24th Mad Scientist
  • Spring I (4 weeks): March 1st to March 24th Made in Nature
  • Spring II (8 weeks): April 5th-May 26th Outdoor-ologist

Session Pricing:

Littles and Middles 8-week class: $90/student ($81 for members)
Littles and Middles 4-week class: $55/student ($49.50 for members)

Session Descriptions: Littles and Middles:

Backyard Billings: Explore the 54-acre ‘backyard’ and surrounding areas of the Montana Audubon Center. Discover the living and nonliving things that call this place home. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the same creatures and plants in your own backyard! (General ecology class).

Indigenous Ingenuity  : Indigenous knowledge, also known as Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), is information gathered over time from indigenous and local peoples through direct contact and relationships with the environment. Discover a whole new way to learn about migration, seasons, soil, and water through cultural information and stories and by building your own relationships with the earth!

Mad Scientist: Discover what makes a scientist through your own experiments: states of matter, crazy chemistry, freaky frequency, and so much more. We will learn lab safety as we create our own concoctions. Don’t be surprised if you go home with a mad scientist’s cackle!

Made in Nature: From survival shelters to natural toys to art, so many things can be made from what’s around you. Design and craft using the materials you find in nature and learn why those materials are so important. 

Outdoor-ologist: “Ology” means “the study of” and there are plenty of ologies out there: biology (life), ornithology (birds), geology (earth), entomology (insects) and more! Learn about and study a different outdoor topic each week as you become a well-rounded outdoor-ologist.



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