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Citizen Science: The Climate Watch Survey, Jan 15th-Feb 15th

Help us learn how climate change is impacting birds.

According to Audubon’s 2019 climate change report, ‘Survival By Degrees,’ up to two-thirds of North American birds are vulnerable to extinction. Climate Watch aims to document species’ responses to climate change by having volunteers in the field look for birds where Audubon’s climate models predict them to be in the 2020s. Volunteers who complete Climate Watch counts, serve a critical role in collecting data that will help us understand how birds are responding to climate change.

This winter survey will take place from January 15 – February 15. Surveys will include 12 point-counts for the target species White-Breasted Nuthatch, Pygmy Nuthatch, and Red-Breasted Nuthatch.

Learn more on how to do the survey by watching our online training HERE.

You can learn the step by step process of Climate Watch by going to


For more information and to get you set up for the survey please email your regional coordinator.

Eastern Montana: [email protected]

Western Montana: [email protected]

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