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Land and Water Conservation Fund

Update: September 2019

Momentum for full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund is growing in congress: bills currently in the Senate and House would guarantee the full, authorized $900 million annually for LWCF, which could not be otherwise raided by the annual appropriations process. Both bills have strong, bipartisan support: as of 9/25/2019, the house bill has 200 and the senate bill 48, which includes both Montana Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester.

Montana Representative Greg Gianforte has still not expressed support for the house bill.

A recent letter from a group of bipartisan senators to congressional leaders concisely expresses the importance of the LWCF and why it consistently resonates with politicians and members on the public from both political parties.

Montana Audubon and our conservation partners are working around the state to inform the public about the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and it’s profound impact in Montana. We are hosting public events in Great Falls and Billings this October, and we will be flying to Washington DC this fall to let our decision makers know that the LWCF deserves full funding, in perpetuity, to protect the natural assets of Montana and the nation.

On September 26th, the Senate Committee on Appropriations voted to approve $465 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund for Fiscal Year 2020. This disappointing move and continued failure to fully fund this successful program proves the need for passage of legislation guaranteeing full, permanent funding. Montanans support and look to leadership from our delegation to pass legislation for full, dedicated funding for LWCF.

We urge all Montanans who watch wildlife, recreate on public lands, enjoy clean drinking water and support our unique outdoor way of life to get behind the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Stay tuned for more information about LWCF and what you can do to help! #fundLWCF

Established in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund was created to help steward and protect our nation’s precious natural assets for all Americans. The LWCF is sustained by offshore oil and gas drilling royalties and has provided critical conservation funding for national parks, landscape-scale habitat projects, water quality, wildlife and even local parks and recreation areas for over five decades: all at no charge to taxpayers.

In Montana, $619 million in LWCF funding has been used to conserve and protect some of our most iconic landscapes since the establishment of the program: places like the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the Rocky Mountain Front, Glacier National Park and many others have received conservation funding via the LWCF. By protecting drinking water, cultural sites, natural areas, wildlife habitat and open space, Montana and the nation have profoundly benefited from this visionary conservation program.

In March 2019, the Land and Water Conservation Fund was permanently reauthorized with strong bipartisan congressional support. However, dedicated funding for the LWCF was never established. For the program to do its job, full, dedicated funding of $900 million annually, is needed.

Montana Audubon strongly supports the LWCF. Birders, hunters, campers hikers and everyone who enjoys our national lands benefit from America’s conservation program: stay tuned to learn about what you can do to support the LWCF! #fundLWCF

Click here to learn more about the national coalition to fully fund the LWCF.

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