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Help Stop a Bad Timber Bill

HB 441 – Timber Conservation License in Lieu of Sale

Please help us in asking Governor Steve Bullock to veto House Bill 441 by calling: (406) 444-3111. For more information about the bill as well as some sample language, please read Montana Audubon’s letter to the governor below:

RE: Request for veto of HB 441 to eliminate timber conservation licenses (Rep. Kerry White, R-Bozeman)

Dear Governor Bullock,

Our organizations represent thousands of Montanans with a strong commitment to public lands, our shared outdoor heritage and collaborative community-led conservation. Collectively, we oppose HB 441 to eliminate timber conservation licenses and request that you veto the bill.


Enacted 20 years ago, conservation license law provides citizens and organizations an opportunity to bid to retain the conservation values of School Trust Land and these School Trust Lands were established to provide a long-term revenue source for our public schools. Repealing timber conservation licenses in lieu of sale retracts a key conservation tool for our state and threatens valuable funding for our public schools.


Including the conservation license option in a timber sale increases competition and increases potential revenue from the same parcel of land over time, resulting in more revenues for school beneficiaries. This is a free market approach, provides funding for our schools and protects critical habitat and recreational opportunities. Further, awarding timber conservation licenses is not a common practice as only two of this type of license have been awarded in two decades.


We respectfully ask you to support collaborative community-led conservation and reject HB 441 by vetoing the bill.




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