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Nesting Black Swift Surveys in Glacier Park

Learn about the challenges and rewards of Montana Audubon’s black swift surveys in the remote…

Up High and Under Waterfalls in 2021

We are happy to report the completion of yet another fruitful Black Swift survey season!…

Birdathon is Here!

Support Bird Conservation in Montana by Making a Gift to Birdathon Do you want to…

Celebrate Earth Day With Us!

Montana Audubon is celebrating Earth Day by raising awareness and support for our Bird Conservation…

Monitor the Majestic Great Blue Heron – NEW in 2020

Though not uncommon to see, the iconic Great Blue Heron is a Species of Concern…

Conservation Program Update

We’re excited and ready for a fresh start in 2018: Montana Audubon recently began the…

Audubon Hero Kristi DuBois Retires

Kristi DuBois, long-time Montana wildlife biologist, is retiring in December from Fish, Wildlife & Parks…

Montana Audubon Awards

Each year Montana Audubon recognizes its heroes and honors its champions at our Bird Festival….

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Help Us Learn More About Montana Swifts!

Chimney Swifts will soon return to chimneys all over central and eastern Montana! As a…

Where’s the Audubon Conservation Bird-friendly Certified Beef?

    In late April National Audubon updated their website and re-tooled their guide to…

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