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Project Feeder Watch Has Begun

National Audubon’s Project Feeder Watch is a continent-wide, citizen science monitoring network that greatly contributes to our understanding of wintering ranges for over 100 North American birds.

The project runs from November 1 through early April, and participation is easy! Anyone that provides shelter, food, or water for birds during winter can watch their feeders as much or as little as desired, and every observation counts! Data collected through this program has contributed to our understanding of:

  • long-term trends in bird distribution and abundance
  • the timing and extent of winter irruptions of winter finches and other species.
  • expansions or contractions in the winter ranges of feeder birds
  • the kinds of foods and environmental factors that attract birds
  • how disease is spread among birds that visit feeders

You can sign your feeder up at and start making your backyard sightings count!

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