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Proposed Constitutional Amendment Bad for Wildlife

SB 236 – Constitutional Amendment to Hunt, Fish, and Trap – OPPOSE

Senate Bill 236 has a hearing this morning in the House Judiciary Committee.  Along with our wildlife conservation partners, defeating this bill is a primary focus for us right now. The bill contains language that could seriously complicate wildlife management in Montana, including the ability of wildlife managers to regulate hunting, fishing, and trapping activities through licenses, seasonal restrictions, quotas and bag limits, and other regulations currently in place. This bill is sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Fielder (R-Thompson Falls), who claims it is intended to preserve Montana’s outdoor traditions. However, the way the bill is written could have much broader implications for wildlife management across the state. Montanans already enjoy the right to engage in lawful hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities, so this bill is unnecessary.

The bill is being heard in the House Judiciary Committee Monday morning, April 3rd. Please send a message to the Committee and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 236 – an unnecessary bill that would complicate wildlife management and wildlife conservation in Montana. You can also call (406) 444-4800 and ask to leave a message for the House Judiciary Committee.

Please take action today! Or, send an email to committee members – email addresses provided below.

House Judiciary Committee Members:

Alan Doane – [email protected]

Seth Berglee – [email protected]

Virginia Court – [email protected]

Laurie Bishop – [email protected]

Bob Brown – [email protected]

Jenny Eck – [email protected]

Bill Harris – [email protected]

Ellie Hill Smith – [email protected]

Kathy Kelker – [email protected]

Casey Knudsen – [email protected]

Theresa Manzella – [email protected]

Nate McConnell – [email protected]

Shane Morigeau – [email protected]

Dale Mortensen – [email protected]

Zac Perry – [email protected]

Matt Regier – [email protected]

Lola Sheldon-Galloway – [email protected]

Barry Usher – [email protected]

Kirk Wagoner – [email protected]

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