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April 27, 2021

HB 302: Require county approval to relocate bison

Status: On the Governor’s desk!

Position: Oppose

This bill would require approval by a board of county commissioners prior to wild bison or wild buffalo being released into a county. This erodes FWP authority over wildlife and gives too much regulatory authority to county commissioners.

Action! Ask for a veto!

Mail the Governor at 

PO Box 200801

Helena, MT 59620-0801


Or call and leave a message: Phone: 406-444-3111 Fax: 406-444-5529. 


HB 318: Clarify definition of bison

Status: Headed to the Governor’s Desk!

Position: Oppose

This bill amends the definition of “wild bison” or “wild buffalo” to include “has never been reduced to captivity, never has been subject to a per capita fee under 15-24-921, has never been owned by a person, and is not the offspring of a bison that has been subject to the per capita fee.” The changes are not necessary, negatively impact private landowners and public wildlife trustees alike, and reduce opportunities for bison conservation in Montana.

Action! Ask for a veto!

Mail or call the Governor to request a veto, information above.


HB 273: Eliminate restrictions on nuclear facility development

Status: Headed to the Governor’s Desk!

Position: Oppose

HB 273 would eliminate the public’s opportunity to participate in the approval of the siting of any new nuclear facility in Montana. In 1978, Montana’s public voted for Initiative 80 (I-80) with an overwhelming 65% of the vote. This popular initiative gave Montanans the right to approve of the siting of any nuclear facility within the State. I-80 also implemented important safety measures designed to protect Montanans should nuclear power be pursued in Montana.

Action! Ask for a veto!

Mail or call the Governor to request a veto, information above.

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