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Birds & Science

We use the best available science to ensure the survival of Montana's birds and other wildlife.


Birds & Science

Montana Audubon strives to ensure the long-term survival of our state’s native birds, other wildlife and their habitats over time. We place our conservation focus on at-risk ecosystems such as riparian areas, wetlands, sagebrush country and native prairies. Working collaboratively with landowners, government agencies and other entities, Montana Audubon uses the best available science to encourage and implement sound conservation management of our state’s incomparable natural heritage.

Bird Conservation

On-the-ground projects and issues Montana Audubon is involved with.

Birds & Climate

We are concerned about the impacts to birds from a rapidly changing climate. Birds are insect eaters, pollinators, ecological indicators, and so much more….

Citizen Science

Bird survey work and other volunteer projects.

Birding Hot spots of Montana

Montana Audubon and local Audubon chapters have put out “birding hotspots” maps and checklists for numerous locations around the state.

Important Bird Areas

Learn about the Important Bird Area (IBA) program in Montana with maps and site descriptions.

Montana eBird

Montana eBird is a great way to contribute your bird sightings to science.

Species of Conservation Concern

IBA nominations based on their conservation priority as stated in the Montana Bird Conservation Plan

Montana Audubon Wildlife Grants

Audubon Wildlife Fund mini-grants support education and research projects or activities that focus on the conservation, enhancement, and public appreciation of Montana’s wildlife and natural communities.

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Make an Online Donation & Support Our Efforts

Montana Audubon depends on your financial support to continue our ambitious conservation work around the state.

Take Action

Take action on timely conservation issues Montana Audubon is engaged with. Your help will protect Montana’s birds and other wildlife into the future.

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