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Conservation is about people working together to protect habitat for birds, other wildlife and a legacy for the future.


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The 2020 Year-End Appeal 

As we are all looking forward to putting 2020 behind us, we charge headlong into 2021 knowing we can’t do this work without you. Let us know you believe in our work and make a contribution today to support the future of Montana’s birds and other wildlife. As the vivid memory of two jays fighting over food will stay with me forever, it will continue to serve as a reminder that we all need to work together to ensure conservation wins in the last best place.

Please consider a year-end gift to Montana Audubon!

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Dear Friend of Montana Audubon,

Without you, Montana Audubon would not be able to succeed at the vital conservation work we do. We are grateful for your involvement, and we work very hard to put each dollar of every gift to work for successful conservation in Montana. Thank you.

Because of your involvement, we are able to accomplish so much.

Please support Montana Audubon’s conservation work today!

With your help in 2019, we:

  • Launched Montana eBird, which boasts participation of more than 9,000 birders submitting 260,000 checklists
  • Worked with our conservation partners to pass permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  • Connected more than 25,000 people with nature, including 8,000 students
  • Reached every 4th grade class in Billings with our Audubon Naturalists in the Schools (ANTS) program, and grew the Fledgling Preschool by 200%
  • Testified on 57 Montana bills, supporting 26 and opposing 31,
  • ultimately passing seven and defeating 20

Today, we are confronted with increasingly complex challenges, from funding threats to climate change, habitat loss and pollution. The recent “three billion birds study,” in the journal Science, indicated that we’ve lost that number of birds since 1970. But the good news is that most of these losses can be reversed through the aggressive conservation efforts of Montana Audubon and our partners.

Together, we will prevail!

Here’s how we plan to do so, with your continued involvement and support:

  • Launch the new Audubon Conservation Ranching program, which will certify participating ranches for bird and wildlife friendly practices in Montana (and soon you will be able to purchase our Audubon certified Bird-Friendly Beef!)
  • Expand our bird science program, such as with the addition of a full-time Avian Technology Data Specialist at the State Library
  • Aggressively advocate for both LWCF and Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA), together projected to provide millions of dollars in funding for bird and wildlife conservation in Montana
  • Continue to connect thousands of people, especially youth, to the natural world, building a conservation ethic in future generations, with plans to expand education programs throughout Montana with our new Audubon in Parks (AIP) initiative

Support from you is critical, now more than ever.

Please support Montana Audubon with a tax-deductible gift that is personally meaningful to you. Play a large part in bird and habitat conservation in Montana through your generous gift.

In advance, thank you for your support!

Yours in Conservation,

Executive Director

Become a Member: Annual Conservation Fund


Montana Audubon has been a force for conservation in Big Sky country for over four decades. In the policy realm, we’ve defended important environmental laws in the state legislature and helped introduce bills that now protect the birds and other wildlife we all cherish. Our science program helped establish Montana’s Important Bird Area (IBA) network, encompassing millions of acres of critical wetland, sagebrush and grassland habitats across the state. We also perform important research and monitoring on bird species of conservation concern like curlews and black swifts. Another pillar of our work is engaging communities and the next generation of conservationists with outreach and education through nine local Audubon chapters, and at our education center in Billings.

Today, the need for Montana Audubon’s trusted conservation voice and collaborative, science-based approach is as critical as ever. The Montana Audubon Annual Conservation Fund was established as a yearly way for you to support our organization.

The benefits of membership include: receiving our gorgeous, full color biannual newsletter; timely conservation action alerts; invitations to workshops, talks and presentations, and many more! In addition to becoming a Montana Audubon member, your gift to the Annual Conservation Fund will help sustain the overall health of our organization, now and in the future, so we can confront the many emerging threats facing birds and other wildlife – Please give to the Montana Audubon Annual Conservation Fund today.

Thank you!

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Montana Audubon Partners with Montana Shares

Montana Audubon participates in “Montana Shares”– a partnership of Montana-based nonprofits devoted to improving the quality of life across big sky country through workplace charitable giving campaigns. Montana Shares has raised over 3 million dollars for Montana nonprofits since 1988, and over 80,000 Montanans (including those in all state and federal offices; city, county and school districts in the major communities; public and private universities and colleges; and many hospitals, healthcare clinics and businesses) are currently offered Montana Shares giving opportunities at their place of employment. Cooperative fundraising through workplace giving is a low-cost, effective way for Montana Audubon to raise needed funds, helping to diversify funding sources, strengthen its financial stability, and more effectively serve the people of Montana.

If you have the opportunity at your workplace, please consider giving to Montana Audubon!

The State employee reference number is 8085.
The Federal employee reference number is 82749.
We are listed with SECGC on page 13.

If you don’t yet have that option at work, give us a call to help get it started.

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