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**ATTENTION Thank you to everyone who continues to be interested in Montana Audubon’s citizen science projects! While Montana Audubon will not be conducting in-person citizen science training due to COVID-19, our critical bird research will continue because birding happens to be the perfect social distancing activity! We encourage surveys to be done individually or within your close networks but keeping 6 ft apart. Our top priority is public safety and we feel a strong responsibility to our volunteers, supporters, and fellow Montanans.

You don’t need to be a professional biologist to contribute valuable observations to science and have a great time doing it. Consider joining one of these citizen efforts and help provide valuable information about the birds, wildlife, and natural systems of Montana and beyond. Each project provides a unique opportunity to engage with the communities we serve, in the habitat’s and Important Bird Areas we’re working to protect. As we enter 2020, Montana Audubon is in a position to leverage our volunteer network to continue promoting the conservation of species of concern through citizen science. There is a project for everyone, and a project almost every month of the year.

Take a look at what we accomplished in 2019, and get prepared for what’s to come in 2020.

Montana Audubon Citizen Science Reports:  2019,  2018,

Contact Amy Seaman, [email protected] or Peter Dudley, [email protected]

Species Specific Projects

For more than 10 years, Montana Audubon has been a leader in engaging citizen scientists on the ground to monitor species of concern across the state.

Ongoing Projects

These projects, including Climate Watch, will continue year after year.

Partner Projects

In addition to what we do at Montana Audubon, other organizations have realized the power of citizen science to address the conservation of important bird species. Here are additional opportunities coordinated by others around the state.

Here is our website that goes into detail about each citizen science project.

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