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Chimney Swifts

Citizen efforts to monitor Chimney Swifts have emerged across North America to help track the decline of this unique aerial insectivore. Its behavior of communal roosting and nesting in chimneys throughout cities and towns make them a fun and interesting species to monitor. During spring and fall migration Chimney Swifts fly most of the day, only roosting between sunset and dawn. During the breeding season in June and July, pairs will separate from the communal roost to nest alone in individual chimneys, and occasionally hollow cottonwoods. In our state, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and Montana Audubon are working throughout eastern Montana to find out just where our Chimney Swifts are active and breeding.

Our “Swift Night Out” in Billings was a success! A group of dedicated volunteers conducted surveys in and around Billings, finding new nesting sites in the area. There are still hundreds of chimneys left to visit around Central and Eastern Montana! In 2024 we are looking to continue growing Chimney Swift program, so please let us know if you would like to get involved this year. Check back in May for our “Swift Night Out” dates in 2024!

Email Gwynne Rohde at [email protected] or Peter Dudley at [email protected] or Emily Chilcoat at [email protected] to get started.


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