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Screech-owl Surveys

Western and Eastern Screech-owls are two closely related screech-owl species with converging ranges along the Missouri River in Montana. Both species are listed as Potential Species of Concern, and the Western Screech-owl is listed on Montana’s Species of Greatest Inventory Need List. The most recent Winter Breeding Owl survey occurred in 2014, targeting fourteen owl species including the Western and Eastern Screech-owls.

Both owls are small, secretive, nocturnal species with heightened vocal activity occurring in breeding season (February-May). In order to assess the presence of the species, surveyors will use callback recordings to evoke a vocal response from present owls.

Both screech-owl species nest in tree cavities, depending on old growth trees in riparian areas, cottonwood groves, and conifer forests. ​The increase in infrastructure in the last decade and lack of recent data make these species very valuable to learn the population of in order to assess their conservation needs. Citizen science is extremely valuable for this survey because it allows researchers and land managers to receive more data on where, when, and how many owls are in specific locations. Answering these questions allow for conservation and land management decisions based in scientific research.

This survey will take place between March 1st-April 30th.

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Screech-owl survey training is on Feb. 27 @ 6:30 pm via Zoom. To receive the link, please fill out the interest form above.


For more information, including survey resources, information about screech-owls, and the volunteer waiver form, visit the Screech-owl Survey section on our Citizen Science website:

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