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Defend Integrity of the Clean Water Act

A December 11th, 2018 order by the Trump administration, in the name of “clarifying federal authority” seeks to gut the Clean Water Act by limiting federal protections for most of our nation’s wetlands and millions of miles of rivers and streams. The rule is being proposed to spur development, and reduce expenses for developers, not to protect our clean water. The rule replacement adds up to a repeal of protections for 60 percent of stream miles in America—in addition to most of our nation’s wetlands. Conservationists, anglers, irrigators, recreationists, and all water consumers, should act to defend the Clean Water Rule because it:

  • Protects headwater streams and wetlands that safeguard the drinking water sources of more than half of Montanans and one in three Americans;
  • Conserves important habitat for the majority of Montana’s wildlife species;
  • Includes exemptions to ensure that farmers and ranchers are not penalized for the water use that keeps them in business.
  • Supports our hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation industry: ten million people visit Montana every year, in large degree because of the state’s unparalleled natural amenities, including our wetlands and clean headwaters.

It sounds like we cannot remind people enough of just how important water is to us, and the 434 species of birds we share our wetlands, riparian areas, streams and rivers with.

Your opinion matters: please take the time TODAY to send EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler comments to protect the Clean Water Act.

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