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Stream Protection on the Rocky Mountain Front

Montana Audubon recently became a partner on a project designed to protect 4.5 miles of Smith Creek on the Rocky Mountain Front. The Montana Land Reliance is asking for Lewis & Clark County open space bond money for a conservation easement on this 836-acre property. This easement would also help block up important wildlife habitat used by numerous species of concern, including grizzly bears and numerous other species of wildlife.

This project helps protect important streamside habitat, as well as grasslands. Riparian areas make up only 0.7% of Montana. Combined with wetlands, these habitats are critical for 39% of our breeding birds, and 46% of Montana’s bird species of conservation concern.

The Lewis & Clark County Commission is currently accepting comments on this open space bond project. If you want to get involved or find out more about the project, contact Senior Director of Public Policy Janet Ellis at [email protected].

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