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Legislative Participation

Help speak up for wildlife in the 2023 legislative session

With the start of the 2023 Montana Legislature, the 68th is in session! This year we are back in the halls, working every day to show our support for birds, wildlife, clean air, clean water, renewable energy, and our right to a clean and healthful environment. This year is as big of a challenge as any, but we are ready!

Here is how you can help.

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We will work tirelessly to bring you, our fellow advocates, the information you need to raise your voice. During the session we will maintain an active “Action Alert Network” and make sure to help you navigate all of the logistical challenges we are sure to encounter this session.

See what bills we are tracking

Use  Montana Audubon’s 2023 Legislative Bill Table to stay current with the most recent legislative happenings. You can see where a bill is in the process, read facts about different legislative proposals, and see our position on the bill.

Learn how to testify remotely with “HAVE YOUR SAY MONTANA”

Since the legislature created the opportunity to testify remotely during the 2023 session, the option is here to stay! This year you can continue to take on issues at the Capitol remotely with “Have your say Montana”

To participate remotely just know there are a few things to pay attention to!

  • You can submit written testimony if you do it by 5PM the day before the hearing.
  • You can sign up to testify via zoom if you do it by 5PM the day before the hearing.
  • Make sure to check for email confirmation when you register or comment.
  • You do not have to testify in order to submit written comments.  Written comments received by the deadline will be distributed to all committee members. However, if you request a Zoom link, the legislature requests that you write a brief message in the event of technical difficulties so that your name will be entered into the record. 
  • If you wish to submit written testimony after the 5PM deadline please call the Information Desk at (406) 444-4800
  • Rules of decorum must be followed and the Presiding Officer will call on you when it is your turn to speak.  Follow the Zoom directions and raise your hand to let the Remote Committee Coordinator know when you want to speak.  We will not assume that because you requested the Zoom link that you automatically want to testify.   There may be limits placed on how many people are allowed to testify remotely on each bill.

See what committees we are watching

Contact information for your local legislator

Contact the Montana Audubon Team

For any additional information or questions contact:

Peter Dudley at [email protected]

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