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Raptor Identification

2020 Online Raptor Identification Classes

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the art of identifying hawks at a distance and for supporting our first virtual raptor identification classes! 

These classes were offered to support the Flathead Audubon Society’s first virtual “Raptor Migration Week”, and to directly contribute to this year’s Jewel Basin Hawkwatch near Bigfork, Mt. Brown Hawkwatch in Glacier National Park, and our continued raptor conservation and education efforts. 

Learning how to identify raptors is a life-long process, but we hope joining our on-line raptor identification series helped you solve some identification mysteries and get to know Montana’s 17 raptor species better. 

Below you will find recordings for each of the classes: Buteos, Accipiters & Allies, and Eagles & Vultures. Also below is a downloadable document with the slides from the three classes and a document that lists some of the many wonderful raptor identification resources that are out there.

Please feel free to contact Amy Seaman with further questions about our raptor conservation work and thank you again for your support!

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Day 1: Buteos

Oops! Day 1 is being re-recorded, in the meantime, you can view the PowerPoint Amy used on this day HERE.



Day 2: Accipiters and Allies




Day 3: Eagles & Vultures




Raptor ID Books

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