School Programs

Field Trips to the Center

Our school field trip programs are grounded in interdisciplinary outdoor science, connected directly to academic standards and best practices. Each program is custom-built to the age, grade, and subject area of the visiting classroom, and is taught by our experienced team of teacher-naturalists. And they are a lot of fun! We offer field trips to the Center and select off-site locations year-round.

For information on pricing and schedule availability, please contact Alina Garner, schools program lead: 294-5099, [email protected]

Special winter-season field trip package!

Book a 2.5 hour field trip led by Audubon Center teacher naturalists for $100/class anytime November through March. Classes may choose two programs* from the following list to be covered in a single field trip (along with time given for exploration):

  • Freshwater Macroinvertebrates: introduction to freshwater macros and their unique life cycles, followed by collection and identification of macros in one of our three ponds (only available when the ponds are not frozen)
  • Birding: introduction to birding and binocular use, followed by birding around the Center and local bird identification (best for grades 2+)
  • Yellowstone River Walk: general nature walk to the Yellowstone River
  • Nature Walk with Scavenger Hunt: general nature walk around one of our ponds or to the Yellowstone River, includes an age appropriate nature-themed scavenger hunt
  • Tracking: introduction to tracking and identification of local tracks, including a tracking nature walk
  • Animal Structures: learn how animals have different physical adaptations that aid in their survival and interact with animal artifacts and mounts (exclusively indoors, best for grades 3+ with an adapted version for younger grades)

*Additional or custom programs also available. Most programs are or can be aligned to NGSS grade-level standards.

Audubon Naturalists in the Schools (ANTS)

As our largest and longest-running program, ANTS provides year-long, field-trip-based programming to elementary school students in Billings and the surrounding area. In the 2019-2020 school year, more than 80 individual classes are enrolled, including every 4th-grade class in Billings Public Schools as well as classes from nine other districts. Grade-specific and standards-aligned, ANTS is an interdisciplinary science and Indian Education for All program, combining content and pedagogical approach in a way that is responsive to land and culture. Most of our ANTS classrooms are 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. The program has been featured at a number of professional conferences in Montana and the region as a model of connecting classrooms with nature.

For inquiries about the ANTS program, please contact Alina Garner, [email protected].

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