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School and Field Trip Programs

Field Trips to the Center

Our field trip programs are grounded in hands-on, interdisciplinary outdoor science, connected directly to academic standards and best practices. Each program is custom-built to the age, grade, and subject area of the visiting group, and is taught by our experienced team of teacher-naturalists. We offer field trips to the Center and select off-site locations year-round. Our most popular program options include:

    • Freshwater Macroinvertebrates: introduction to freshwater macros and their unique life cycles, followed by collection and identification of macros in one of our three ponds (only available when the ponds are not frozen)
    • Birding: introduction to birding and binocular use, followed by birding around the Center and local bird identification
    • Nature Walk with Scavenger Hunt: general nature walk around one of our ponds or to the Yellowstone River, includes an age appropriate nature-themed scavenger hunt
    • Tracking: introduction to tracking and identification of local tracks, including a tracking nature walk
    • Animal Structures: learn how animals have different physical adaptations that aid in their survival and interact with animal artifacts and mounts (best for grades 3+ with an adapted version for younger grades)
    • Canoeing: canoe safety and instruction, canoeing on one of our three ponds while exploring their unique riparian habitat
    • Insects: introduction to insects (body parts, common insects), life cycles, collect and ID insects using nets and jars
    • Native Plant Walk: learn about native plants of the area and their traditional uses through sensory observation and a nature walk
    • Fort Building: hands-on, team-building activity that includes a walk to Norm’s Island and a chance to build forts with logs
    • Traditional Native Games: learn some of the traditional games of Montana tribes. We have staff who are level 1 certified and can teach a number of universal traditional games to your students. We provide supplies, teachings,rules, and play time. 
    • Plant Structures: learn about the different parts of plants and take a look at plants up close. 

To request a program, please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also call the Center 406-294-5099 and ask for Jessica Mills.

*Please be aware that we do our best to accommodate each group, but have limited availability during certain seasons.

Classroom Visits

Interested in a short nature-based program that doesn’t involve transportation? The Montana Audubon Center is now offering class visits to your school, either in the classroom or on the school grounds. Our class visit program is grounded in hands-on, interdisciplinary science, connected directly to academic standards and best practices. 


  • All class visits are 1-hr, with the potential for longer lessons
  • Lessons are adaptable for grades K-12
  • Cost is $100 per classroom for the first hour, $50 for an additional hour (includes travel up to 15 miles)

Current program offerings:

  • Owls of Montana
  • Montana Mammal Adaptations
  • Birding
  • Native Plants and their Uses
  • Create your own program

To schedule a class visit and inquire about other program options, please email our Private Programs Coordinator, Jessica Mills or call 406-294-5099.


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